Zatacka clone

Hi there! This is my first submission yet my second game (I’ll commit my Space Wars clone once it has been polished a little more).

So here it is :

It is a Zatacka (Achtung, die Kurve!) clone, made to be playable by 25 person at the same time. To allow that many player tough, a micro-controller have to be used and some code added. I’ve excluded it from this commit since I believe it is mostly useless for general use (and is not yet finished).

The code is messy at best, but I’d rather share it if somehow it could help someone!

I wouldn’t call it finished, but it is at least an advanced beta :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun!
EDIT: p3d file added for easier testing!

EDIT 2: Added pictures!

zatacka.p3d (138 KB)

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More pictures:

Awesome! I love Achtung, die Kurve! I used to play it all the time with my friends.

Just a suggestion, you might want to set the wrap mode on the countdown textures to WM_clamp, since I can see some edge bleeding artifacts, eg. the right side of the green 1 is bleeding through to the left side.

It would also be nice to see it possible to enable anti-aliasing.

So that’s what’s happening! I tough it was because of my texture. I had some similar issue when exporting from inkscape and I tought that the default texture mode was clamp!

I’ll made these changes and update the git!

Thanks for your feedback!