Your own logo and loading screen

Toontown has used panda3d right?
some how they have a loading screen and a icon with their logo
id like to know how…

Also for the music on panda3d what file formats does it support?

Far as I know toontown used panda3d.

Icon with their logo: you mean on the start program?

As for the formats I did a search and found this website, do note that panda3d does not do it own sound it uses a lib. from FMOD:

If I am wrong on anything please correct me. I am new here after all, lol.

  1. Yes toontown was used for Panda3d
  2. Can you explain more what you want? Do you have a screenshot? I actually never played Toontown but if you give us a screenshot of what you want or maybe a better explanation and we’ll try to help you.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Yeah that icon thats on the top left
when u play the program it ussally has a blank program icon
how do i change that?

Also i tried adding music but got a return error
Cannot open menu.mid

for the loading screen
When u play toontown
its the blue startup screen with
the bar saying now loading

I don’t think you can change the icon while testing, but you can change it in the final product (the .exe). Check documentation for packpanda.

For music, check documentation for the support of .mid (I’m not sure). Also, please post error code when you report an error!

For the loading screen, I have no idea since I do not have toontown and do not want to install it. Like I said earlier, please post a screenshot.

Hope this help


The simplest thing to do is this: at application initialization time, create a simple scene consisting of just a loading screen. Render a single frame using taskMgr.step(). Then, load all the 3D models. Since the 3D model loading is always the time-consuming part of the load process, that makes it so that the loading screen is visible for the majority of the loading.

However, that’s a loading screen which is a window with borders and a close box. You probably don’t want that. You might want to take it to the next level, and instead, configure your application to create an undecorated window (by editing the panda config file). Then, when the 3D models are all loaded, you can destroy the undecorated window and create a regular window by calling methods in ShowBase.

Ok i have no idea with the loading screen

Also whats the code to add a second actor such as a gorllia

And how do i load a .X file to panda?

For icon problem write following at top of your file

loadPrcFileData("", "icon-filename MySiteLogo.ico") 
import direct.directbase.DirectStart 

Remember to import DirectStart after the loadprcFileData statement.

Same Way as you did for the first actor.

Same way as you load .egg file.