YAILGa - Yet Another Invaders Like Game

YAILGa - Yet Another Invaders Like Game (Updated Dec 29. 2009)

This is the name of my first panda3d mini game which is ready to be released to the web. It is as the name says an Invaders like game, or more a mix of Invaders and those Rail Shooter games. At the moment it is just a simple thing, you are steering your ship at the bottom of the screen and shoot at the down coming enemies, but there is planed more for further releases.

The game is open source, and totally written in C++!

The Installers for Windows (as .exe) and Linux/Unix (as .deb) are ready to download at the download site linked below!
Current Version V.

At my Panda3D Project site you can find the source code and Installers for Windows and Linux/Unix. Here you can find the specific things:

This is your Ship…

and these are your enemies…

Planed things for the next version

  • Highscore list
  • pause screen
  • better models and textures

Hope you will have Fun with it.


Looks cool and it’s a very interesting project cos is the first a bit consistent I see totally written in c++
since I saw you tested on ubuntu and I use it as well could you provide the compile and link command lines you used to build it, cos I would like to twiddle with the code??

Hello astelix,

I am using codeblocks for all the compiling stuff with this game, but I quickly set up a little file which contains all the commands you need to compile it under Linux/Unix. Just save it in the Project folder and make it executable (you may have to change the include paths for panda and python at the top of the file). This worked for me… so here it is: compileYAILGaLin

thankyou wolf - I’d to change just the python version to 2.6 but it worked out, nice job! more than space invaders remind me Gyruss somehow

PS: for the records exiting the game I’d Segmentation fault error printed on console while the game played nice nonetheless, go figure.

Thanks for the Info of the Segfault at the end but i think it already stands in the BUGS file at the bottom :wink: but anyway, thanks.