YABEE doesn't support latest stable version of Blender (Blender 2.8)

Perhaps I could have created a new thread, but as for current threads, there aren’t many that discuss @redeyedman’s new 2.8 exporter.

So, by failing to export, I mean that when it exports, it has a file size of 28 KBs. Basically, it doesnt export. If you try to view this with pview, it shows a grey screen and the terminal reads:
:egg2pg(error): Error reading perfectbox.egg

:loader(error): Couldn’t load file perfectbox.egg: invalid.

Unable to load perfectbox.egg

:framework(warning): Empty bounding volume for models

This basic model is comprised of just cubes, with colors applied to the walls and floors from Blender. There is no texture file for the YABEE export to use since there are no textures on the model itself.

Hm, I am really not sure why my friend was saying it was failing to export if there were rigged objects. I will have to get more details on that

Does YABEE require selecting the objects to export? And, if so, are you doing that?

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I don’t know whether it’s been changed in this version, but the older (i.e. Blende 2.7) version of YABEE does indeed require that anything to be exported (including armatures) be selected when exporting, I do believe.

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So, I have tried multiple ways of selecting the box in order to export it. When I successfully exported character models, all I had to do was Select > Select all by type > Mesh. For this box, I have tried all types of selections, from taking my cursor and dragging the selection over the entire box, individually clicking on each element of the model, and doing Select > All. In all three instances, the export had either 28 KBs or less and failed to show in pview.

I am still thinking that it’s because there is no tex file to reference during the export. It may be that colors in blender do not export unless they reference an outside texture file in .jpg or .png. But, it could always be that I am screwing up something simple.

P.S. Is it possible that there is a certain box that I need to check on the bottom left after I hit export that I am failing to check?

Possibly, indeed: do you have “force export vertex colors” checked? (Presuming that the same box still exists in the new version of YABEE.)

Hmm, I was not checking that box. I just did that, but it’s still only exporting with 21 KB, so no luck.

Very odd. Using the old version, I can definitely export a simple cube with vertex-colours, using only that version’s default settings plus “force export vertex colors”, I believe. (No texture applied, nor material.)

[edit] That said, I gather that the new version uses Blender’s shader system–perhaps the problem lies in your shader-nodes?

perfectbox.blend (713.5 KB)

I do not really know much about the shader system nor shader nodes.

I attached the simple box that I am trying to work with if that helps at all. Maybe its something with the model itself.

I don’t have Blender 2.8 myself (I’m sticking with 2.7 for now, I intend), so I’m not currently in a position to examine the model, I fear. Hopefully someone else here has 2.8 installed, however!

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That’s totally understandable, thank you though!

YABEE for Blender 2.8 does support exporting rigged models in the same way as old YABEE does.

You just need to setup Principled BSDF for material properties and recusively select your rigged character before exporting.
Shader setup example


Feel free to update your forks. YABEE 15.3 export capabilities has been improved.


YABEE 2.8 which supports Blender 2.8 and RenderPipeline only now is renamed to PRPEE to be more distinguish from original YABEE as @rdb asked me.

Sorry for new logo if it looks rough for someone, I’m not best in making logos in Krita xD


Can this work for version 2.9.1?

EDIT: What does PRPEE stand for?

It stands for Panda3D and RenderPipeline EGG format Exporter. Sorry for long answer.

It should work for 2.91 but not tested yet, there could be same Blender API changes…

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RP-specific material parameters like emission colors now depend on RP Compat option. This means 3D models now by default export correctly for native renderer and SimplePBR