X. to egg converter

Is there any .X to egg converter? I’ve heard of one in another post, beut there was no link.

Yes, there is. It’s part of the distribution; you can run it from the command line as x2egg. Type “x2egg -h” for a list of options, but you probably don’t need to use most of them. There’s also an egg2x utility.


I’ve tested (in previous release) the x converter to convert from
Blender X file and milskhape X files (Direct X export, not JT Export).
From Blender no issue.
From Milkshape , i have to remove one } before the animation information
to be able to convert (i would say it’s on Milkshape side).

Also i noticed that you can load directly X files from Panda
(without having to convert before).

If you succeed with other X Files sources, i’m interrested in…