.x files

I’ve seen a few posts about .egg exporters for Blender. Is this because Panda can’t handle Blender’s export of .x format or am I just doing something wrong?

This is what I get: I can load my .x file created in Blender into my Panda app, but none of the textures show. I use simple image textures, but the object just shows up with the underlying color of the material.

Any help would be appreciated.


You should read the manual. Specifically VII.E.3 Converting from Blender and VII.E.7 Converting from other Formats

You should also know that there are multiple .x exporters for Blender. Some work better than others.

If you need a more specific answer, then ask a more specific question.

It may also be helpful to examine the resulting .x or .egg file and look for the texture filenames given there. Confirm that the filenames are correct.


Ok, I searched the .x file and found none of the textures I applied in blender. I guess this is a question for the blender site, does anyone know why the .x might not have the texture image files in it? What step did I skip?


How exactly did you apply the textures in Blender?

I’m just guessing here, but did you unwrap the mesh and UV map the texture, or did you just use sphere mapping? If you just did a simple sphere map it probably won’t export.

Check out Greybeard’s LSCM UV Mapping video tutorial if you need to learn how to do a UV map. It is the best UV texture mapping tutorial I’ve seen for Blender.

blender3d.org/cms/Model_Mate … 397.0.html