Wrong file path for textures on .bam models


I’m trying to extract the models from the phase files on a game, but every time I preview the models, it shows the models without the textures. Further, when I use bam2egg, it gives out errors saying that the textures couldn’t be loaded. :slight_smile:gobj(error): Unable to find texture “phase_5.5/maps/estate_palette_4amla_6.jpg” on model-path /Users/myuser/Documents/phase" "files/phase_5.5/models) I’ve tried to change the path in the Config.prc file to reflect the path in my computer, and moving the phase files to the path it shows in the error. Both didn’t work, I’m just trying to load the models in blender with the textures.

Thanks, any help would be appreciated, this is for a final project that is due soon. :smiley:

Add a model-path in Config.prc pointing to the directory containing “phase_5.5” (not phase_5.5 itself).

Please note that Panda uses unix paths on Windows, so the path wil look like /c/Users/myuser/etc.