Writing data within a p3d file

I have brought up this issue before, but that was when I was writing data files in the user’s AppData directory (thank you, rdb). However, I don’t really want to do that anymore, as many people are able to access it and change it. P3D files do not allow you to create files within the package itself, but what if the data file was “pre-created” ? Meaning that I create some empty files that I want the data to go into beforehand, and append data to the file at runtime. Does anyone know if this is possible within a p3d file?

with open('database/100000000.json', 'a') as data:

I’m really just looking for a yes or no answer on this one, along with any tips of course.
As always, any help is appreciated.

No, this isn’t possible. In theory it could be, but that would mean that whenever you write to that file, Panda would have to rewrite the entirety of the .p3d file back, which would be a rather costly operation.