World IPV6 day

I was wondering what Panda’s status is re: compatibility with IPV6 addressing? Have checked my local ISP ( AT&T UVerse ) for compatibility with it and found everything but the DNS is working ( not too surprized about that ). Am wanting my FoxyWorlds app to be compatible with IPV6, as it could be the biggest way to eliminate the “ballgag” problem even tho I will probably still need to have a rented offsite server to host the redirector.


So you mean: can the Python networking part of Panda3D handle IPv6’ness?

I have no idea. I would hope this can be answered strictly as a Python question, but I still don’t know the answer (IOW, if the version of Python that Panda3D uses can do IPv6, then perhaps we can hit up the Python forums). Otherwise, the actual Panda3D part of the code will need to know what to do with IPv6.

I’ll also assume that if it can’t work with IPv6 directly that an intermediate solution would be to set up Teredo, or some other IPv6/4 tunneling, to bridge the two.

Oh, I thought you were referring to whether the website (and as such the runtime distribution URI) supports IPv6.

The Panda3D networking layer doesn’t currently support IPv6, unfortunately.

Well, now that I read the OP message again, I think he is actually talking about the Panda3D web server.

Sorry, I just didn’t that would matter since we don’t host anything that could depend on IPv6 (AFAIK).

Yeah, does have an IPv6 address. And, yes, as your test has discovered it’s all set up, except for DNS.

I could go into the DNS system here and add a AAAA record for it. Other than eventual future compatibility, and cleanliness, is there a reason to do this? I can’t think of a good reason /not/ to, AtM.

Ah, I see now that this may have precipitated because of the mandate of “IPv6 Day”, which is today.

But, CMU’s up-stream network guys have allowed me to be blissfully ignorant of anything IPv6 as we’ve had IPv6 for a while now, and plenty enough IPv4 addresses for whatever external use the university has.

I can still look into the AAAA record addition.

It sounds like a simple addition that couldn’t hurt, eh?

Wasn’t worried about Panda website or such was more asking if current Python used will be able to support it, probably figure that old networking code from Disney ( distributed, py datagram and so on ) will not support but wondering if there is anything else in the Panda engine itself that could be a problem.

If you do not use Panda’s networking-related classes, and do not operate from the runtime environment (ie web plugin), then nothing in Panda will stop you from using IPv6. I believe that the Python socket modules etc support IPv6.

Pretty much what I thought, Python will be compatible but the old networking code isn’t. Hadn’t planned on using it anyway, probab;y not using P3D plugin either as I want a “persistent plugin” like the old Flatland Rover was so I can cache model and texture sets, I suspect the P3D isn’t persistent and runs “sandboxed” and thus destroys everything at shurdown, forcing a complete reinstall every run.

Nah, the plugin caches the data and doesn’t reinstall if it’s already there.

Was considering an architecture where the installer was a P3D file that brought in all the components and installed them, if they were already present it would just act as a kickstart for the existing installed app.

Reason I was wondering about sandboxing is I was planning on keeping a persistent cache for models similar to the way Flatland Rover did 15 yrs ago, once downloaded a model or texture set was persistent unless updated ver came available. Really saved on download time in the days pre-broadband and would sure speed up common content as the terrain engine fetched up new tiles.

If Flatland had successfully developed multiplayer, and used say Python for scripting instead of wonky 'ol Simkin, we probly would be using it today. And if they'd put scripting into their blocks instead of the way they did it we would have had Minecraft WITH "redstone" years ago ( blocks aren't a new idea and have been experimented with for years ) wonder if the creators of Minecraft ever saw Rover?

nothing really new under the sun
" the dirty 'ol FOX "

That is pretty much how it currently works, if I understand you correctly.