Working shadow example for OSX and a hard crash caused by it


With the help of some forums messages i got a working shadow example together running under osx. (Based on the example)

only start this under osx if you have read the whole post, it will cause your computer to CRASH!–


The above example only works if the following line is commented:
loadPrcFileData("", “framebuffer-multisample 1”)

If the example is run and the camera is moved it will cause a !hard! crash…

Having the line active will cause a “bus error”, which probably also happening if the camera is moved, but that completely hangs the visual output of the os (at least itunes continued to run in the background until i powered off)…

I have no idea how to get infomations what’s the source of the crash… somebody else could test it or help me to find the source of the error?

btw. maybe somebody would try out my ffmpeg patch as well (on a os that is known to work with ffmpeg)

shadows work badly even not on mac! Kudos to you if you get it working. One of my team members got a panda mac installer compiled and vanished. I want him to get back and give you guys the installer. Some people tested it with my game on mac … shaders and sound works - so exciting!