work in progress

A very first protoype for my game project, not evrything is working right yet, but comments are welcome.

I turned the box into a little house and dug a secret passage to the bottom, didn’t find any treasure though. :slight_smile:

Hi, it seems interesting, but I can’t move comfortably: my keyboard layout is different than yours, evidently.

Yeah, Minecraft!

For me, D goes right, S goes back, Z goes forward and Q goes left. Pretty weird.

But good job. I fyou are not planning to make it open source, can you explain how you did it? Thousands of individual boxes not slowing down the game.

Sorry about the commands, i have a french keyboard and didnt think about that.

As for how i did it : cubes are grouped into a bigger (444) cube, whose mesh is recreated each time a cube is modified. As now there are
41010 meshes of 444 cubes. More meshes and it slows down, more cubes by mesh and the regeneration creates a lag, from what i tested.

you can also allow movement with arrow keys, together with letter keys.

Thats 400 geoms, thats why it slows down.
In Minecraft its alot more though. Id be intersted to know of a better apprach.
You could have a look at occlusion culling, but thats all I can think of. I think the occlusion culling will cause any cube behind another one to not be rendered- not be sent to the GPU, so you will be less likely to hit the geom limit for PCs
And maybe you could have only very far cubes to be grouped into even larger cubes.

Yep there are probably better approachs, starting with octrees for the data from what i understand. From now the project is to make a game very limited in scale, so as to learn panda and python well.

But yeah a minecraft like game is most likely for a next project (or an extension of this one), so any information is welcome.

Looks interesting. Keep up the good job.

Got back to work on it, managed to use perlin noise :