My Modeler uses wings3d how can I use these models he makes;

using wings VRML export should work with panda. havent actually tried it thought. panda should be able to directly load vrml files.

It would be nice to have a “plain jane” .obj importer for Panda3D too… I use Wings3d in a few personal projects. It’s a simple but powerful modeler for static models and it does a credible job with UV mapping as well…

Right now, I export Wings3d .obj files to Blender and the use the .egg exporter… It works fairly well…

I have done all my models in Wings3D. I usually export .obj from Wings and then use Andy’s obj2egg script. Treeform’s script for the same purpose works but gave me some headaches. Andy also has a 3ds2egg script, which I used successfully for a different project. I then use
egg-trans -tbnall
egg-trans -no
egg-trans -nv 90-180
on the resulting .egg. Notice that at least for treeform’s script you need a proper .mtl file while Andy’s works with colors, too.

Good to see some Wings3D users here. I love this little app, it’s just so fast to get from zero to something (simple).

Thanks Bradamante for the tip and the link… Somehow I missed the obj2egg script but now that I have it, I’ll give it a shot… :slight_smile:

I’ve been a Wings user for quite awhile, and I continue to love using it. Blender is cool, but for simple models, it’s like shooting a fly with a bazooka, too many steps and controls to learn…

Perhaps later, when I’m more comfortable with Erlang, I’ll find time to write a .wings to .egg plugin exporter for Wings…


I work with Wings3D since 2005.
For export to panda, use the Wavefront (OBJ) format and export to Blender.
In Blender import using the scale 0 (to have a better result near of Wings dimensions), and ready, export to .egg :wink: