Windows XP support

Panda3D aims to run on as wide a range of hardware and operating systems as possible. As such, we still support Windows XP even today, given that it still enjoys a single-digit market share in some countries (particularly China). However, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to continue to support Windows XP. Particularly because the last two Python releases to still support XP are 3.4 and 2.7. Python 3.4 is already EOL, and Python 2.7 goes EOL at the end of this year.

Because of this, the only way for us to keep supporting Windows XP in 2020 would be to ship Panda binaries for a version of Python that is no longer supported. This would add a significant maintenance burden. Continuing to ensure that Panda3D works on Windows XP also disadvantages us in other ways, requiring backward compatibility solutions that take up our time, risk reduced performance and reduced stability.

We are therefore considering dropping support for Windows XP in 1.11. The 1.10 branch would still continue to receive bug fixes for current applications if needed.

  • Yes, drop Windows XP and Python 3.4 support in 1.11; people who want to target WinXP are stuck with 1.10.
  • Don’t drop support for Windows XP and Python 3.4 in the near future (comment why and how long).

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I love Windows XP, in fact it is my second system. But as developers, I think you should definitely not waste time on something that is dead and move forward.