[Windows] Installation freezes at 99%

Right at 99% when it seems to be done it just freezes and never continues, I can minimize but it doesnt respond when you exit and have to use task manager to kill it.

This happens on 1.5.4 and 1.4.2

It takes a while at that step. It’s caching model files and stuff. Just let it keep running, it will finish within a few minutes.


I left it at that step for 75 minutes and still no progress.

That’s pretty frozen all right! :confused:

Hmm, could it be interference from some other Python version you already have installed? Does the task manager seem to indicate that the process is doing anything, or is it at 0% CPU utilization?


Theres no other python version installed and yes it’s at 0% cpu

We really ought to do the bam conversion at the makepanda step. Is there any particular reason to do it in the installer?

Less to download, I guess. That way you don’t have to download both the bams and the eggs. We could just provide the bams and forget about the eggs, but since these are sample programs, it’s nice to have the egg files for reference.

Still, if bam2egg is really what’s locking up, this user is presumably going to have bigger issues even if we omitted this step from the installer.

If you interrupt the process, is it installed properly?