Windows form application

how can I use panda program with windows form application? I mean can I use components of visual studio? somehow… (buttons, checkboxes, textboxes to input some values). In manual there is only examples consol applications… Is it impossible? How can I build interface of my programm on c++? Sorry if it’s a stupid question… Please help.

You can integrate panda in a pure win32 or mfc app. Search around for the keywords “embedding panda3d”. You can also embed it in a portable toolkit like wx if you want portability.

But if you want to use windows’ common controls inside of panda, I don’t think it’s possible, somebody correct me if I’m wrong. For that functionality you should use the Panda GUI (check manual) or integrate an external gui engine like CEGUI (may be complex.)

but in manual there is just 1 page about PGui…

Yes, the GUI in c++ is not fully documented, but it’s very straightforward, once you learn how to use a widget, you can learn about the rest just checking the headers.

You could also use CEGUI which is better documented but embedding it will imply some work.

In any case, if you don’t like learning how to use a library by reading source, maybe you should use panda with python instead, because you will find this lack of documentation in other areas (though most of things can be easily translated from python to c++.)