Windows build *almost* done, no installer

I’ve ran makepanda after syncing from cvs an hour ago and adding the thirdparty and samples folders from the downloadable “all” zip file available in the download section.

I launched with --everything and --installer and surprisingly everything went fine until it reached the --installer part.

From the looks of the errors I am guessing I am almost there if not even done (except i cannot install).

Any hint on what to do to finalize the --installer part or maybe advice on how to use the newly built panda3d by manually installing it? Maybe i can build the installer without recompiling --everything?

Oops. It’s a mistake in the NSIS script, my apologies. I just checked in a fix for 1.7.1.

In the meantime, you can work around this by editing the direct/src/directscripts/packpanda.nsi file, and replacing this line:

            File /r "${PANDA}\bin\*.p3d"

with this:

            File /nonfatal /r "${PANDA}\bin\*.p3d"

That did it. Thanks.