Window Settings

Me again, and other question too…

¿How can I to edit the windows settings?? i.e. Title, Size, icon…

and ¿how can I set the fullscreen mode? It does exist??? :question:

Put this before the DirectStart import:

from pandac.PandaModules import loadPrcFileData
loadPrcFileData("", "window-title Your Title")
loadPrcFileData("", "fullscreen 0") # Set to 1 for fullscreen
loadPrcFileData("", "win-size 800 600")
loadPrcFileData("", "win-origin 10 10")

It’ was very useful, thanks, but i have a little problem again…

I understood that the use of this line

loadPrcFileData("", "fullscreen 0")

is only at the beginning of the game, but I need to switch between Windowed mode and fullscreen at any time by pressing the “f” key… and the panda manual say’s

So, do you know this “other ways” to go to fullscreen and switch windowed and fulsscreen mode???

Runtime fullscreen possible is not possible without closing and re-opening the window.

Also see these threads:

(EDIT: no longer true. Runtime fullscreen toggle is supported since 1.7.0.)

It’s Done!!

Thanks a Lot!!! :exclamation: