Win64, Maya 2014, current builds?

Hi all,

I’ve been away from Panda for a little while but it’s that time of year again when we update classrooms and computer labs, so we’ll be installing the Autodesk 2014 suite and the latest version of Panda. Each year I usually spend a couple weeks making Win64 and OSX Panda builds with current MayaToEgg support (the Ubuntu builds are always a piece of cake … sigh …).

Anyway, before I embark on my annual buildfest, I wanted to check on whether this has already been done, either in official builds or community-contributed ones.

Also, remind me - for a 64-bit Panda, should install a 64-bit python systemwide or will makepanda include its own Python? I have to let the lab admin know what he needs to put onto the workstation image.



Maya 2014 no longer seems to support Win32, so we won’t provide maya2egg2014 until 1.9.0 which will be the first release that will ship 64-bit Windows and Mac OS X builds.

If you just install a 64-bits Python build in thirdparty/win-python-x64 and then run with that Python build (makepanda.bat should automatically do that if it is present), makepanda will automatically include it as part of the Panda3D installation. Installing a second Python build alongside it would just be a cause for confusion.

(When you install a Python build into thirdparty/win-python-x64, be sure to tick “install for this user only” in the Python installer, otherwise it will put python27.dll in the system32 dir instead of in the target directory.)

If you need 64-bits thirdparty packages - I have some already built, ask me if you would like the ones I’ve already done.

Ok, I’ll get to work on it and report back any problems. Glad to hear about 64-bit being included in 1.9 - looking forward to that!

I have a set of 64-bit thirdparty libs from about a year ago and built a few others as well, but if you have more current ones that would be a big help.


I forgot to update you on this, but I have a collection of thirdparty packages, in case it would still be useful:

Latest 64-bit buildbot build should have support for Maya 2014.

Latest 64-bit buildbot now also has support for Maya 2015.