Win 7- egg failure, x failure

In windows seven if I try to use the egg exporter or try to use x2egg i get crashes. If I try and use x file directly in Panda then panda crashes.

I get a hungapp error from windows.

If though I go to Ubuntu and use the same files egg works, x2egg works, and x can be loaded directly into panda.

Panda 1.6.2
Blender 2.48a
Python 2.5

Anyone had this this problem on windows?

JB SKaggs

No. What kind of crashes? Do you only have one version of Panda installed? Do other Panda programs crash?


This is the terminal output from blender under windows 7 if you click export chicken- BTW the chicken menu never comes up it goes directly to this error.

Well, that is a Chicken error, which puts it in my domain. Its pretty obvious what is happening - Blender.Get(‘datadir’) is returning None, and according to the documentation that function returns None if the relevant directory is ‘not found’, so the implication is you have no data directory. If you install Chicken correctly then that directory has to exist, so my guess is you’ve screwed that up. Go read the installation guide provided with Chicken - which directory is correct depends on various things (Which is to say its very easy to screw up.), but there are currently no Vista/7 specific notes, so you will have to read between the lines. I note that under Windows 7 C:\Documents and Settings\ has been replaced by C:\Users\ however, so that gives you a third location to consider. I do myself now have a copy of Windows 7 I can experiment with - if you can get back to me with how that works then you may save me the effort of trying it for myself to update the guide:-) (I installed Ubuntu the moment I got the laptop - have only booted into Windows to play games, and haven’t installed any tools.) (And of course if my assumptions prove wrong get back to me and I can try to replicate the error.)

P.S. Update to a newer version of Chicken - that version is old - not even sure it has the installation guide! (Unless there is a good reason to be using that version, in which case download a newer version just for the installation guide.)