Wiimote and Panda3D

Hello everybody,

I’ve seen videos of ThomasEgi (thanks to him) on Wiimote and i would like to play with one with panda3D.

I work on windows and i with google, i’ve found many projects with, but all i have tested with python aren’t working.

  • WiiUse / PyWiiUse : seems not to function with python > 2.4
  • WiiuseCpp / PyWii (PyGame): only on linux or not supported on Windows
  • Managed Library for Nintendo’s Wiimote,WiiYourself, WiiController Library : not for python

Have you experience on that or do you know another library which support both accelerometers, IR and Motion Plus ?
I don’t want to have an extern program with TCP/IP connection…
Thanks in advance

while i am not using windows, Pywii/WiiuseCpp is advertised to be crossplatform. Even if there are no ready-to-use binaries you should be able to compile it yourself.