Wii Port

Just an idea that I might play around with. How hard would it be to make a Wii port of Panda?

I have played with DevkitPPC, which would be a good place to start:


Anyone interested?

greb the environment.
try to compile, fix the error, repeat.

panda has been ported to a variety of operating systems and architectures. so if you have the neccessary libraries panda depends on it should be do-able.
best way to find out is to try it.

looking around it seems like there is no current working python interpreter http://wiibrew.org/wiki/WiiPy so it seems that making games would not really work

panda doesnt depend on python,tho.

Speaking of the a Python interpreter for the Wii, could someone help me make one? We could base if of PyWii’s source.

I should have been a bit more clear about what I was talking about. I guess you can use C++ but its my understanding that Panda is better suited for python use not C++

I thought I would mention that Nintendo does not allow open source software if you are thinking about potentially releasing Wii Software commercially

I don’t know Nintendo licenses, but some open source licenses are compatible with console SDKs. For example Bullet has been used in commercial games for consoles. So it’s a matter of specific licenses, and not of openness. For example GPL-like licenses aren’t tipically compatible with console SDKs, but other kind of licenses should be.

I think darkphoenix16 meant that nintendo does not support homebrew, as a WII port of panda would be. As far as I know, there is no SDK for nintendo outside of being a dev that probably needs one to buy a license. Also, because homebrew is a hack I am not so sure that you can legally sell any homebrew games.

if you look at it the other way round, you can argue that you need a homebrew version to test and play your game. and once it runs and you’r ready to market you can still buy an expensive official SDK.

I was wrong. I just checked. You can’t use opensource software in WiiWare (downloadable) titles. There doesn’t appear to be a restriction with disc based software. Not sure why there is a distinction.

If Panda3D wanted to, I’m sure they could get a license for a Wii version, however this would not be available to the public and you would need to be an approved Nintendo developer to access the ported SDK.

Cython + Panda3D port to Wii?

Just port Panda3D to work on the Wii, then if you really need to use python use Cython, just be sure to use static typing or you’ll have python dependencies.


Im pretty sure that using a software hack or installing a mod chip to be able to run homebrew is against the license.

What they don’t know can’t hurt him. You own it, its yours, not theres, thats the way I see it. Its like selling a car but saying its illegal to put the tire you want on it.

Anyway, you can legitimately buy a license and run Panda3D on the Wii. I’d recommend emulating it, that way its “legal”, and far less costly. If you wanted to port it using an emulator I’d be willing to help, I could make some modifications to cython to make sure it doesn’t create any python dependencies.

As long as it works I don’t really care how.

You might want to care if you plan on developing on Wii, because developing with cython is going to be different. You’ll have to refer to C++ libraries rather than Python, because there probably won’t be any python wrappers, because there isn’t an interpreter.

You’ll have to import(or rather include) the library which is C++, and you’ll need to do some static typing as well to ensure a pure C++ outcome without Python dependence.

Though WiiPy is no longer being developed, you can get its source at code.google.com/p/wiipy/

WiiPy is based on Pyrex, which is exactly what Cython is based on. Cython is more up-to-date than pyrex, because pyrex is no longer actively developed. Pyrex just compiles python code to C or C++ code, just as Cython would.

So I think it would be better if you just used Cython, or just forgot about python for now.

You can use DevkiPRO(ppc). Looked at Pnada3D sources and DevkitPRO sources. It’s doable, but…
1 - You’d have to implement GX into Panda3D(It’s a lot like openGl, but striped down and created by Nitendo). Or you could use gl2gx(google it), wich is a layer(like Wine) that translate gl 2 gx.
I advise to take gl2gx, and implement GX direct on Panda3D. More work, less resources consumption.

2 - Since Wiis hardware is not that much, I think that substitute Python for Lua is the best thing. Lua is veeeeery quick, and easylly intergated to c/c++.

Well, if Panda3D code is really ANSCI, shouldnt be hard to port, just crosscompile with devkitPRO.

I’m very interest in this project, my email: fernandohildebrand@gmail.com


I still really have no idea how to do any of this. I don’t even know how to compile Panda and such, and thats on Windows.

And I would want to keep it coding done in Python.