Why would i change the texture format fron RGB to sRGB?

First, as you know, I am a newbie in panda3d and 3D in general. I found someone on the internet which is converting the texture format, I wouldn’t know why.
Texture.F_rgb → Texture.F_srgb
Texture.F_rgba → Texture.F_srgb_alpha

So in what cases do I need to do so in, and why?

Please if this kind of question is not welcome, you can tell me so I can stop them :smiley:


If I opened the same textures in the image viewer on win 10 the colours seemed to be good.
but if I opened it with panda3d as I added them to a 3d model it seems in brighter grey (without converting)
and seems good (same result in image viewer) if I convert the format.

so why that is happening in Panda3D

It depends. If you enable “sRGB framebuffers” in Panda3D, or use something that uses that implicitly (such as RenderPipeline or panda3d-simplepbr), then all colours are assumed to be in linear colour space instead of sRGB, which also means that you need to tell the GPU that your textures need to be converted to linear colour space.

It is explained a bit further in the manual here:

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