Why don't egg attributes work on Actors?

I’ve tried several attributes such as UV scroll, barriers, etc. on Actors and have had no luck. The attribute gets written to the EGG file, but it’s never actually applied. Is there such a reason for this or is this something that’s just not supported yet?

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It’s not clear without more information why this is not working. Perhaps you could share an egg file that you have created that fails to work?

Thanks for the quick response! I exported a simple plane as an actor with a scroll_u attribute. The UV scroll works when I remove the Dart tag which I don’t want to do.

Since I’m a new user, I can’t upload files so I uploaded it to the mega.co.nz file service.

Ahh, yeah, I remember now. This is a rather weird quirk of how the egg loader implements skinning; anything under a <Dart> tag is read in a special pass that only picks up geometry and ignores all other structures.

If you set <Dart> { structured } (instead of just 1) it will load everything under the Dart tag as normal, and the UV scroll node will work.

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It works. Thank you!