Why does panda not include the colors for my model?

I’m taking some time to learn panda, but something isn’t working.

Why does panda not include the colors for my model?

Here’s the code for my practice program.
import direct.directbase.DirectStart
from pandac.PandaModules import *

starstealth = loader.loadModel("/c/Documents and Settings/The Count/Desktop/Blender Files (Mac)/StarStealth.egg")
starstealth.setScale(.25, .25, .25)


This is where you can download my .egg file.

please help me!

You have to create a light in your scene.

I can see the ship very well. It is black and with a dark blue center.
You can view it in pview also. Press “L” to turn on the light.

Thanks, I figured it out last night.

note that when you are using textures, must to have a texture folder inside the model folder… so there must exist the texture image. At least for me is like that…

Not true - that entirely depends on how the .egg file references the texture.
Place the textures wherever you want, as long as the .egg file references them correctly.