which package is the suitable one?

I was going to compile panda3d 1.8 on Fedora 14.

I had installed the packages of

However, when I try to compile dtool, it shows:

I checked I had installed some packages of nspr, libjpeg, libpng, zlib, fmod, freetype, openssl, gtk, ffmpeg, why the compiler cannot find these packages?

You will need the devel versions of the right packages. A (possibly incomplete?) list of packages for Fedora 14 follows:

sudo yum install python-devel bison flex libtiff-devel libpng-devel gtk2-devel openssl-devel gcc-c++ libstdc++-devel freetype-devel libjpeg-devel mesa-libOSMesa-devel libXft-devel mesa-libGL-devel mesa-libGLU-devel opencv-devel ffmpeg-devel nspr-devel xulrunner-devel ode-devel Cg openal-soft-devel fftw2-devel gtk2-devel zlib-devel libX11-devel libXxf86dga-devel libXrandr-devel

Do you mean we should use the packages with the sources?

I will try again.

I still can not find the sources of packages below:

  • Did not find Eigen linear algebra library
  • Did not find squish
  • Did not find Cg DX8 API
  • Did not find Cg DX9 API
  • Did not find Cg DX10 API
  • Did not find VRPN
  • Did not find Miles Sound System
  • Did not find FMOD Ex sound library
  • Did not find Ageia PhysX
  • Did not find SpeedTree
  • Did not find gtk±2
  • Did not find WxWidgets
  • Did not find FLTK
  • Did not find OpenGL ES 1
  • Did not find OpenGL ES 2
  • Did not find DirectX8
  • Did not find DirectX9
  • Did not find Mesa
  • Did not find AWESOMIUM
  • Did not find OpenMaya
  • Did not find Assimp

Can you give us some clues?

It is normal not to find all of these packages. Most of these on this list are not available on Linux, or are at least not standard packages. And for the most part, you don’t need them.

For instance, you can’t build (and shouldn’t expect to build) the various DirectX interfaces on Linux, because DirectX is Windows-specific.

If there’s one of these packages that you actually do need, because you are specifically looking for the functionality provided by this package, then you should investigate how to install that package on your Fedora system. But I don’t see anything on that list that you’re likely to need for normal Panda development.


You might want to grab the devel package of the libGTK-2.0 package on your system (whatever it is called exactly, but I’m 100% sure it’s in the Fedora main repos), otherwise it won’t be able to build PStats correctly. Besides that, you won’t likely need most of these, as David points out.

You are right, I had met some mistake in the compiling process of ‘panda’. I will do it again and focus on main function of Panda3D first.

When compiling ‘panda’, error below was met (I use Chinese Language and had translated Chinese characters into English):

I do not know how to handle this problem. Do you have some quick methods to continue the compiling process?

Search for the package containing that file using yum or rpm. Probably something like libcxcore-devel.

When I erase opencv-devel from the packages, the compiling process finished completely.

It seems that the codes of opencv have some problems. How to fix it?

Really? I will try tomorrow.

It seems the code dependency of Panda3d need more explanations.

By the way, can we ppremake panda3d 1.8 in fedora 16 or above without any modification?

I don’t know. One way to find out.

I think it depends on Fedora. I am not familiar with the rules of ppremake.

Another question:

Does it only mean that we should install rpmbuild or dpkg-deb?

I will try after lunch.

I meet a new problem below:

What is wrong?

Ok, done for fedora 14.

Thanks. Further discussions for further releasing questions in the future.

You were trying to build a .deb file on Fedora. You should install rpmbuild instead of dpkg-deb in order to tell makepanda to build an .rpm instead of a .deb file.