Where is thy Shadow?

I have a hunch… This is just a hunch, so don’t go flying out of the chicken “koop” on me. I’m thinking shadows really won’t show over X large environments.

I have a Point Light and Spot light setup to cast light over this large outer environment. I’ve tried enabling shadow caster for both lights, but to no avail…there is no shadows. But get this, there are no errors either…um err…maybe one. I noticed that any bump mapping (done by Panda shaders) will get destroyed when ever I try to enable shadows. In fact, the texture where the bump mapping was applied get all funny looking (really smooth looking, like it’s being UV mapped with a million x y repeats).

All this craziness is driving me crazy. The only time I had success ever with shadows and Panda is when I tested the ability over a smaller environment with no bump mapping, using a point and spot light.

So at the moment, I don’t know what really makes panda’s shadows cast. Yes, the shaders are set to Auto. :cry:

Did you try going out of body (base.oobe()), zooming out and enabling the frustum view (light.node().showFrustum()), to see if the lens settings are configured properly?

Did the OOBE thing (crazy controls) and the lighting seems to be flowing in the right direction. Here’s a link to a screen shot which shows how the bump mapping gets destroyed when enabling shadow casting for any light.

screenshot-Tue-Mar-29-18-19-41-2011-2592.jpg - 0.30MB

However, shadows will not cast…even if bump mapping is off. Maybe the level is too big…