Where is my original exe file?

After the installation, I can see my application’s short cut but I would like to know where my original exe is located so that I can zip my game and send to someone. I searched every folder and I couldn’t find it. If there is no original exe file, how do I change my short cut’s path? (in my case it’s, C:\textest\python\ppython.exe -E main.py. But I would like this short cut to be running in my textest folder. Not from C:).

Hi, in order to pack your game into an executable file you have to check the section “Distributing Panda3D Applications” in the manual.

Well…I already used packpanda to make my game executable. My question is, packpanda gives you an installation which installs my game to my computer. But what if I want my game to be zip file? so I zipped my game and unzipped on my another computer and I ran my short cut. And it gives me an error that says this directory is no longer exist. If you check your short cut property, you can change your target exe. C:\textest\python\ppython.exe -E main.py

Now, as you know, I zipped my game so that I can extract anywhere and if I don’t extract in “textest”, the short cut won’t work. So now my question is how do I change my short cut target to my folder so that people can play my game?

packpanda.exe is deprecated. It also doesn’t create an .exe. It just packs a copy of Python with the Python files of your game into a directory and that into an installer. But when you install that, you just get compiled Python files, no .exe.

If you want to create an .exe, especially that you can zip up and people can move around, use pdeploy.

I hear that Pdeply requires internet connection whenever you want to play. Is this true?

No, it doesn’t, if you tell it not to. If you use it in the “installer” mode with the -s flag, it will include everything it needs and it won’t try to download anything.