where is latest 1.7 code?

I thought that current HEAD version is the latest, but as “protect from string destruction” fix was made to panda3d_1_7_branch, it made me wonder about the latest code.
Fix in question can be seen here:
panda3d.cvs.sourceforge.net/view … x?view=log

So should I use HEAD or panda3d_1_7_branch version?

The fix was made both on the HEAD and the 1.7 branch, just in different locations. That’s because the true fix was made in shader.*, on the HEAD, but it broke ABI compatibility and therefore the 1.7 branch had to live with a hacky workaround.

Note that the 1.7 branch currently runs behind the HEAD, I’ll fix that before I release 1.7.1.

For now, I recommend using the HEAD. Usually, the release maintainer merges fixes from the HEAD onto the 1.7 branch.

Ok, but I checked out HEAD yesterday and same defect was back. That’s why I got interested about it.

Will do that again to see, if I messed up somewhere.

seems that this fix was reverted/overwritten with next commit.

panda3d.cvs.sourceforge.net/view … 27&r2=1.28

Was it intentional?

Oh, you’re right! Looks like the PandaSE team accidentally reverted the fix.
I’ve just put it back. Thanks for pointing it out!