Where do I start?

Hi, I am new to the forums and 3d panda. I looked over dozens of game engines but they weren’t right for me. I then reads that disneys rides that use videogame software use 3dpanda and I also heard that a lot of Disney mmorpg (close games)were made with 3d panda. Also it uses python it can’t get any simpler. Theres only one problem I don’t know how to use 3d panda or program with python could someone suggest me so decent tutorials. I need to know how much 3d panda can handle. It would me really nice if someone could get me started. thanks.

Hello, did you looked at the manual? It is very good and should clarify the most important aspects of Panda3D to you.

Before attempting to learn Panda3D, learn Python first. For beginner friendly and fun python tutorials I recommend these:

If you have any problems usually the video comments have the answer.

Codecademy also has python tutorials for free, I don’t know if their any good though. I haven’t tried them yet.