Where can I get the source maya file of "Roaming Ralph&

I tried to replace the terrain environment (world.egg) with my own, but Panda complained about something like “couldn’t find the start_point” or so.

I solved this problem by copy the group “start_point” from the original world.egg to mine, then the world loaded; however, I cannot move Ralph. Camera rotation is working though.

So where can I get the source maya files to see how to export the model correctly?


try egg2maya. as far as i know this could help to get from the egg to maya. though i don’t know if that provides all the information you need.

I checked my Panda Distribution (1.2.3) but it’s not included. Which version you are using? (egg2maya)

I would have assumed it’s in the distrubution. But I’ve compiled Panda3D myself and have egg2maya working. I don’t know if the Windows distribution does include it though.

Here it is!

panda3d.org/forum/viewtopic.php? … 4de4b59c4b

Thanks so much.