Where are the latest information on performance issues

Where are the latest information on performance issues?

The lost items are:


They haven’t been made yet.

Can those functions work well?

How to find the clue about those functions from the available resources? :unamused:

These issues are general issues with 3-D graphics programming. None of them are not specific to Panda. You can find more about them from any source about 3-D graphics rendering in general.

This is also not an exhaustive list of possible performance issues. And many of them are not even particularly likely.

I think this list of possible issues was made up one day by the person who was writing this page, as a reminder to himself to go back and fill them in later. He never did.


I see, we may meet lots of performance iusses as mentioned in the above list. They can be hanled through Panda3D configuring parameters or calling of functions, but we should be very familiar to the game engine to find the answers.

The author of that page had made a very clear vision about these issues. I guess, :slight_smile: he is the developer of Pstats module. Is that right? :slight_smile: We hope he would publish his experiment results for us to share his mental power.