When source code for Windows will be available?

So the question is in the caption. Or maybe there are some other ways to obtain it, except of download page? Just to look how it is working.

What exactly do you mean? The source code is available at the download page.

You can use CVS to checkout a snapshot of the current development trunk, this is also mentioned at the download page.

Oh, I’m sorry - I’m mistaken “Snapshot Builds” with source code.

Oh. I can’t guarantee that the Windows snapshot builds will be up soon, but I don’t think it’ll take more than a couple of weeks before the Windows buildbot will be up and running again.

I’ve mistaken in another direction :slight_smile: - I’m searching for source code and mistook “Snapshot Builds” for it. But anyway - are there possibilities to download it without CVS - simply with one archive?

I’m a bit confused. What do you mean to download, the source code, a CVS snapshot of the source code, or a snapshot build?

Source code.

Edit - I’ve found at last source code - it is in download options per platform - it is not clear that there not only SDK, but source code archives also.

The source code for a particular release can be found at the SDK download page. For windows 1.7.0, for example:
panda3d.org/download.php?pla … =1.7.0&sdk
You’ll see this link:
panda3d.org/download/panda3d … -win32.zip

Ok, thank you, I’ve figured it already - it is not so easy to find source code archives from main download page. Maybe there is need to mark somehow that they are in download per platform section?

Good point, it’s a little bit clunky. I’ll see about restructuring it.

Same here, it took me quite a long to find this zipped source code for windows.

Also, just a notice, registry key for windows sdk in windows 7 is

SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Microsoft SDKs\\Windows\\v7.0