What you recommend in order to master P3D?

Besides making games, trial and error what else have you done to master the engine ? What would you recommend ?

Besides what you mentioned already, to master P3D I’d definitely recommend reading the manual, maybe not entirely but at least the topics and skim over their content so you know where to look up specific things, same for the API documentation. Then, to some extend examine the code behind engines front end, while this is definitely more advanced, it will help to understand how P3D behaves in certain situations. With that, you’d best start out with the topics that are most interesting to you or things you actually use while developing.

In addition to that but not only geared to wards mastering P3D but gamedev in general you should look at what others do, watch some talks, read some books/blogs/etc look at open source games and talk to other developers out there to gain a broader knowledge and insight in how things are done.


I’d also recommend spending time on the forums: seeing what issues people have, what solutions are provided, and what features are mentioned. (And indeed, if you can help others, that may provide a bit of extra experience, too!)

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That’s right, it often happens to me that the moment you help someone, you often find out about your own misconceptions. Sometimes we commit absurd coding or something else, instead of a simple solution that has been obvious all this time.

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Thank you for your input ! I’ll take it to the heart. It’s great to see such a supportive community here.

Have a lovely day.

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