what would be best for collision and physics for 3d racing g

we are making a 3d racing car game like NFS most wanted.although there’s a general way of applying collisions but in the manual it was stated that collisions can also be applied using ODE.which option will be better for us,Also for physics what will be better ODE,NVIDIA or anything else?Please help

I’d suggest Bullet: bulletphysics.org/wordpress/

There’s a racing game right in the homepage.

Docs: panda3d.org/manual/index.php … th_Panda3D

I saw a car demo here: enn0x.p3dp.com/bullet-samples.zip

thanks redpanda for your support

we want to display the speed of our car on the screen, in fact what we are asking is how to display the value of a variable on the screen .