What type of laptop do you use?

I’m looking for a laptop to do my work and a few programming projects on the side, was having trouble finding exactly what I want but I figured it might be fun to find out what other users here have.

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I’ve had my ASUS Notebook with an Intel i7-7700 with 16gb of RAM for almost 4 years now and it has served me well this entire time. I would definitely look at what IDE you are going to mainly use and how memory hungry it is, because you need to take into account the other programs you will be running simultaneously. Most of the light IDEs don’t have trouble running on a less powerful machine. But if you are going to be completing larger programming projects, a more powerful system would be recommended.


I got a good sale on the Huawei Matebook X Pro a few years ago. Great laptop, no regrets, though the
webcam is on it is useless.

I’m using a Dell “Inspiron 15”.

It’s a decent laptop, I would say, if starting to become perhaps a little outdated.

That said, there have been some issues with some of the internal hardware interoperating with Ubuntu Linux, which is my primary operating system.

Basic specs:
CPU: Core i7 2.4GHz (4-core)
Memory: 8GB
Graphics: GeForce 840M, 2GB (+Intel integrated)

i’m using a Lenovo Legion gaming laptop

Intel(R) Core™ i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz

i’m very happy with the laptop, although as with any performance laptop the fans can really get cranking. However, Lenovo, the company, is a nightmare. Once i bought it they absolutely spammed my email to death AFTER I opted out. I had to put a filter on my email to send their emails to the bit-bucket. Hopefully i’m not going to miss anything important…

I can categorically say that you can not use a laptop if it has more than two video cards. The problem is that it is sometimes up to the system to decide which video card to use.

In the case of python, it can sometimes decide that the built-in graphics card will suit you. Although this problem is solved simply by setting the priorities of the drivers. However, there are other problems, such as incorrect operation of video capture programs. You may find that the game’s gameplay is being recorded, and when you switch to the desktop, you will have a black screen on the video.

Wait, there are laptops with more than two video cards? That’s surprising! 0_0

Why would you have three or more? Where do they keep them, in such a small space?! o_0

I will say that with two video cards, at least, this hasn’t proven a significant problem–either for Python or for video capture–I believe.

(I am using Ubuntu, for reference–perhaps Windows is more awkward about it.)

I think he means laptops that have both CPU integrated graphics and a dedicated GPU.

Detection and selection of whether the graphics will go through the CPU or the GPU depends on a number of factors and differs by operating system.

Ubuntu does seem to have great auto-detection of laptop GPUs these days, once the appropriate drivers are installed.

Perhaps, but serega did say “more than two”.

Indeed. I’ll admit that I don’t have much experience of it under Windows–I only really use my Windows (8) installation for gaming and occasional testing, under which use it seems to have been fine!

That is good to read! I’ll confess further that it’s been something that I haven’t thought much about in ages–which itself may be a testament to how well it has been handled by the system.

So I suppose that this is all pretty much an argument for getting Ubuntu! :stuck_out_tongue:

I can think of maybe two or three laptops ever with this configuration, maybe there are more? It is an extremely rare configuration I’d say. An example would be the Sager NP9873 with two 1080’s.

I put it wrong, I meant to say two.

I’m surprised that there are any!

Ah, fair enough!

Well, in that case, my statement that a two-card laptop can work does stand, I believe.

There’s no issue using a two-GPU laptop, you just have to be aware of which one you’re using at a given time. On Windows you can configure python.exe to always use one or the other, in your driver settings.