What sort of light to use for fireplace lighting

Hi there

I have a scene with a single egg building model which has multiple rooms. In the main room it has a fireplace with a fire created using particle effects. My aim is to have the fire as the source of light in my scene, but I’m struggling to find a way that is satisfactory. So far I have tried reparenting a PointLight to the particle effect and fiddling with the attenuation but no matter what I do, part of the fire looks in darkness. To counter that I try to place it slightly in front of the fire, but then the ground in front of it has a visible patch of light shining brightly on it.

Is this the best approach? Or is there a way to make the particle effect a source of light itself? Ideally the light given off would flicker as it would in real life, but I would just be happy with the fire giving off light.

If anyone could shine some light 8) on this problem, I’d be very grateful.


Fire is something that would have a purely emissive material, rather than a diffuse material, so that its colour value is not affected by light sources. Then you can place a spotlight or point light inside the fireplace to simulate the fire casting out light into the rest of the room.

To simulate flickering, you can erratically vary the brightness of said point or spot light, as well as move it around slightly.

Thanks that did the trick perfectly! I’ll post pictures on the forum once its ready :smiley: