what software do you use? Blender, a world editor?? which?


I have a huge doubt… what everyone uses here to make a world, or a level design on panda3d??

I see some demos, some games… what software do you use for doing the game witch panda3d?

A new here, and I need a little guide. :unamused:

I know is very general question, but try to classify… Main 3D Tool = Blender, Main 2D Tool = Gimp :wink:

What program used Signal Ops, or Disney?

Thank you!!


Most game engines have a scene (world) file format and a scene (world) editor which can create such files.
Panda3D doesn’t have an official scene editor.

However, since the 3d model format of Panda supports so much, you can use any 3d modeller which can export Panda’s 3d model format and tag objects in it, and then in your code check each loaded model’s tag list and add logic to it like physics, your AI code, etc. based on its tags.
Example: Using tags

This might a bit confusing for newbies and the manual doesn’t do any justice when it comes to how to create scenes. So if you didn’t get something or have more questions, ask.

There are also unofficial scene editors which do all the above “under the hood” by giving you a tool to create your scenes then a Python function to load the scene file.

(Panda really needs an official scene editor, it’s been like what, 5 years?)

Hey hi, thanks,

I know that exist a editor from CMU, is this? Or this one is new? I found the other day this sourceforge.net/projects/softpixeleditor/ you think it can adapt to panda3d?

I will try the link you give me…

Hi John,
On Signal Ops we used Autodesk Softimage for all 3D work. We created our own plugins and scripts so we could attach special attributes to nulls/locators and use them as a way to place game objects in the levels and set values on them. These nulls would then get exported to text files (YAML format) that the game reads and uses to populate the levels. Softimage is a bit pricey, but I’m sure you could do the same thing in Blender or other 3D software.
We looked into adding in-game tools for placing objects, but we found it much easier to just use an external program, especially when dealing with lots of objects.
For all 2D texture work we used Photoshop, and for those who don’t know: Adobe has made Photoshop CS2 available completely free! It’s a bit of an older version but still great software.