What is your IDE?

It’s been i while i got this question in mind, but i was too shy too ask it before, and scared to be quite random…

i’ll take my courage in hand and i will ask you :What python (or C++) IDE you are using?

this question could be helpfull for some people who’s serching one right now also.

on my side: i use the Wingware python IDE. (pyWing)

and you? what’s your IDE? :slight_smile:

nano, geany, and command-line here.

For python, notepad++ if at home, otherwise whatever text editor that computer has.

For c++, I’ve only done a tiny bit of it a few months ago, but I used visual studio express. Later this year I’ll actually attend a c++ class and hopefully learn something. :smiley:



EditPlus for everything.

I use Eclipse with Pydev mostly and IDLE for smaller stuff.
On my netbook I use DrPython.

Netbeans with Python plugin

On Mac, I use TexMate.


I use NetBeans IDE. The NetBeans Platform is a generic framework for Swing applications. It provides the “plumbing” that, before, every developer had to write themselves—saving state, connecting actions to menu items, toolbar items and window management and many more.

Netbeans – cross-platform, does PHP, C/C++, Rails, and Python all beautifully without quite as much overhead (or slowness) as Eclipse, which was my former love.

I use NeBeans with python plugin. You can launch panda3d scripts from the run button if you point the ide to the right python .exe. It’s pretty good. Just wish there was auto-complete on the SDK functions.

I’ve been messing with PyCharm that I just found. Initial impressions are good. Slow but good.

netbeans is the ide of my choice since a few months. platform availability (osx for me) stability and speed were the reason for my recent change. i also like the mercurial/cvs integration and debug features (which is a rare feature for free ide’s).

is there actually a (wx)gui toolkit for it? that would make a nice addition for developing python stuff with it.

Eclipse is the best option for that. It is very easy to use and effective. Also, it has nice features and tools. I am using it and there is no problem yet. It is really a nice IDE for development any kind application.

netbeans is best. IDE is a standard electronic data path or simply a computer motherboard and the computer’s disk storage devices used between the interface.

Thats not the hole truth: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IDE

Pydev in Eclipse for me. I messed around with Netbeans for a while, but I’ve found the pydev plugin to be much better with python (code completion, debugging, etc) than Netbeans.

Notepad++ and the Command Line