What is the meaning of NodePath?

I don’t know why it is called NodePath.

What is a nodepath??

A NodePath is basically a handle to a node in the scene graph. Have you seen this page?

These diagrams may be helpful too:

Damn, beaten by a second. Was just about to post that…

Anywho, yeah, read the cheat sheets, they are REALLY GOOD in explaining NodePaths, in my opinion.

The Wiki is quite good in explaining as well. I would highly suggest reading the Searching the Scene Graph article, it helped me lots when I was starting out with barely a clue on how nodePaths worked (Back in the days where the Cheat Sheet didn’t exist, and I didn’t have an account…)

You probably already heard that there are methods available only for PandaNodes (pointers to nodes) and other methods available only for NodePaths. But you might ask: why aren’t they all just available for PandaNodes?
I guess the reason in this page is all there is?:
(skip to the NodePath part)

i think you mixed something there. NodePaths are pointers (or rather handles) for PandaNodes.

I think the same for you :wink:
I didn’t