What is DIRECT?

I keep seeing this word or acronym. One reference was to a level editor and DIRECT tools. I know there are classes related to direct to create GUI’s but I’m looking for a little more background on what it is.



P.S. I just learned today that Panda is an acronym for Platform Agnostic Networked Display Architecture. In case anyone was wondering like me :slight_smile:

DIRECT is a set of Python-based tools that are layered on top of core Panda3D, which is written in C++. It includes the DirectGUI tools, the task system, the Interval system, and several other systems. Usually, not much distinction is made between DIRECT and Panda3D; they are usually both considered collectively “Panda3D”. Both are part of the Panda3D system that is installed when you run the installer.


Ahh, ok, thanks David. It makes sense now.