What is difference between FPS and Delta Time?

So before I started learning Panda3D, I learned Pygame which was very understandable and easy module.
In Pygame, you use FPS to make your game run in constant speed. For example, 60 FPS will run 60 frames per seconds. But I couldn’t find FPS in Panda3D perhaps I found something called Delta Time which I hate it because I gave up learning LOVE2D because of this.

So my question is what is delta time and what is difference between FPS and Delta Time?

Delta time is just the reciprocal of your frame rate, ie. 1.0 / fps. I guess you could also call it “seconds per frame”, ie. SPF. Instead of dividing your movement rate by FPS, you’d multiply it with delta time.

FPS - is how many times engine can render your scene per second. If you want to limit FPS you can look this topic limiting frames

Delta Time - is how much time passed between two last frames.

In my opinion FPS restriction is bad practice because on different hardware FPS can less than you intended and game will be slower than needed. With using delta time you simply can do something like my_character.setX(my_character, my_speed * globalClock.getDt()) and your character would have the same speed independently of FPS.