What happened to the RPM Builds?

I’ve had no issues with compiling RPMs myself (except for having to install tons of development packages), but I’m still curious why the website doesn’t ship prebuilt ones. It doesn’t seem like it would be particularly hard considering it’s built into the script. Did people just forget about it?

It is a considerable effort to set up and maintain up-to-date build containers for Fedora (or OpenSUSE, or whatever other RPM-based distro we want to support), and there were too few people using the .rpm builds to justify that. And that was even before people started preferring to install Panda3D using pip install panda3d.

Now that we’re using Docker for building the buildbot builds, it’s probably a little easier to set up a Fedora container for the .rpm builds, but I’d like to see that there is enough interest in it before doing that.

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