What happened to multify.exe?

So, I was just using multify.exe on a file called MANIFEST. I was curious to know what was inside. However, when I executed multify.exe, this happened.
I’ve tried everything, but it doesn’t work.
I was using SDK 1.9.4. If anyone can help me just tell me.

Despite the same extension, MANIFEST.MF is not a multifile. It’s a file used by Java.

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But it says Panda3D Multifile…

I think that’s just the operating system reading the extension and looking at what it associates with said extension. It would call any file that ended with “.mf” a “Panda3D Multifile”, I suspect.

The Java MANIFEST.MF file is a text file that can be opened in a text editor, for what it’s worth. It contains a list of file names and their cryptographic hash values.