What does this error mean?

There is a question mark next to these lines of code that say unresolved inclusion. What is that and how do I fix it? Please this is the only thing stopping my program from running.

These do:

#include "auto_bind.h"
#include "audioManager.h"
#include "executionEnvironment.h"
#include "filename.h"

Seriously? 27 views and not a single reply?

I don’t know about auto_bind.h, but the rest are all Panda3D headers. Are you sure they are on the given paths? I think your compiler simply fails to find them.

You need to add the include directory of Panda3D to the preprocessor include paths in your compiler settings. This should be obvious to someone with prior C++ experience, and if you don’t, it’s going to be difficult to use Panda3D with C++.

auto_bind.h is indeed a Panda3D header.

I have C++ experience

Eclipse is my compiler by the way

well, if those lines are what’s causing the problem, try removing the # on all the lines since # means ‘ignore’

Not in C++