What does Panda3D need?

Panda3D has a thriving community. I’m surprised there isn’t an active brainstorming thread already. Some of you have been playing around with panda for a long time. Clear set goals could really improve things.

So, I’m curious, what does the community think of Panda3D?

After trying to script with panda is there anything you wish you could change? Do you have any ideas for improvement? Are there any features you would like to add?

How does Panda3D compare to other open engines you’ve tried?

I think the Panda3D dev-team should keep the community more updated with news about Panda3D. For example, an announcement on the forums or so that ODE is going to be in the next release or so…

Well, I do also think that an update thread would be nice…
Biggest problem otherwise is “localization” of the manual or manual work at all.
A more central place for bigger user content (that does not fit into a forum) is on the way and forum requests shouldn’t be a problem aswell.

For “people without patience” there is a IRC channel. What do you want more? :slight_smile:

Regards, Bigfoot29

Oh, and we def. need more C++ documentation. We already have some, but lots of people complain here that “there is nothing”. While developing in Panda3D using C++ is very ultimately good possible.

hehe… one of our C++ coders… :wink:

But well, yea… C++ Manual IS missing. But you can’t count that as a developers “fault”. :wink:

Regards, Bigfoot29

Here we go again… :unamused:

Personnaly i would say that the next area of improvment is :

  1. a serialization system for the scene graph
    (custom file format or xml based)
    that allow to save/ reload a scenegraph, with recreation of panda python objets …

  2. more information on the Distributed system…

  3. Ode or PyODE integration…
    (I know you can do it now yourself but it’s better for newcomer when it’s integrated…)

Manakel, anyways wish 3 is granted. (I think)
I looked into the CVS and saw they were integrating ODE. :slight_smile:

I think NodePath.writeBamFile() serializes a node and all its children, but I don’t know if it recreates panda python objects.

I think it would be nice if active tasks and intervals could be serialized too.

I would also like to see OpenAL integration. Fmod is an expensive proprietary component of what would otherwise be free software.

OpenAL integration is being worked on :slight_smile: .

I am a Chinese newbie to Panda, I hope it will support HLSL in the next release.I also repect someone to give a general framework for making small game or interactive application or just for experimenting demo. So are these thoughts ridiculous? I just begin to learn python and panda3d, I have to dive into the English manual and forum.

I believe ThomasEgi is working on a MMORPG framework, but I’m not sure.

And uhh. whats HLSL?

I guess it’s one o the other Shader language … (not CG)

Joystick support is something that is missing IMHO. Sure, you can use PyGame (and have the PyGame event loop running too), or write own joystick modules, but Panda3D-native joystick support would be nice.


Unfortunately, we just need more developers.

I would develop on Panda3D… perhaps if I finished working on my current GeoMipMapping Terrain Without Popping - Project (In c++)?
If you would want me, that is 8)

Thank u pro-rsoft. HLSL is the Microsoft’s version of Cg, same syntax with Cg, but cann’t use in OpenGL, just in DirectX. I am familiar with DirectX than OpenGL, so I proposed that feature, just for myself, it is not important. Cg is better for cross-platform.

Thanks for the explanation weihuan :wink:

Oh, and about what P3D needs more:
also syntax highlighting in wiki/manual. Perhaps also in forums. Would be very useful. At least python and c++ then.

  1. Multi-threading.
  2. streaming terrain.
  3. ODE integration.
  4. More full featured exporters.

hmmm… multi-threading is a nice one. Right. Tried to do some threaded programming, but basically you can forget making multiple threads and hope they will work on a multicore system… just one core under load due to pseudo-multithreading of a single python instance… dunno if that can be fixed easily by the Panda3D-Devs…

Ode or PyODE is worked on when I remember correctly :slight_smile:
(something like that has been said…)

Regards, Bigfoot29