What did I mess up? Looks good in Blender, bad in Panda

Please forgive me if I start flooding this forum with questions :slight_smile:

So I built a simple texture in photoshop (256x256 green/white pattern). You can see it at the bottom of the screenshot below.

I created a mesh in Blender and followed the steps on a video I found that shows you up to map the texture properly so it works in Panda (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6WZLoiT3wk). I exported it via Chicken into a .egg file.

I ran this code to load it into Panada:

        self.box = loader.loadModel( "models/GreenBall" )
        self.box.reparentTo( render )
        self.box.setScale( 25 )
        self.box.setPos( 0, 0, 0 )

And this is what I got:

Why is the texture repeating so many times over the model in Panda (left side) when it displays a different way when I render it in Blender (right side)?

I know it’s not the setScale command. I experimented with a bunch of sizes for the ball already and that just affects the dimensions, the texture appears the same way on it regardless of what the scale is set to.

I want it to look like the ball that Blender renders it as.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Look at the Texture panel, Map Input tab. Is it still using Orco ? Use UV.

UV is selected, see for yourself:

Here’s the source files:

.blend file
.egg file
texture image

Any other ideas?

If (in Blender) I render this file I obtain this:

This is like the Panda render.

How did you unwrap the UV ?
IF you open UV Editor, you’ll see that all rectangles are mapped exactly to 0-1.

If all you want is to slap that texture from top to bottom of the ball :

  1. switch to top view
  2. select the ball
  3. enter edit mode (alt e)
  4. unwrap (u)
  5. project from view (bound)
  6. in UV Editor, shrink the UVs a bit
  7. exit edit mode

Ok I got it working and have no idea how. I followed the directions, and it magically worked this morning for some reason using the same steps yesterday.

Thanks for the help everybody, I guess windows was just being unfriendly to me lol.