what are those .in files about


Just out of curiosity. The folder /pandac/input contains .in files (e.g. libaudio.in). They seem to be generated by some tool. Can someone explain them. Where they come from, why/if they’re needed and how they were generated?

I’m using pydev and eclipse and this environment has a lot of unresolved imports and they all start with panda.PandaModules so naturally I tried to use the pydef configuration to have pydev recognized the imports. If there is a way of relating the contents of the .in files to python symbol information then perhaps I can find a way to resolve this issue. That would be 8)

.in files are interrogatedb files, which are generated during the build process when interrogate creates Python wrappers for the C++ functions. They are at the moment merely used to generate the online API reference, I think. But note that the .in files don’t contain very much info - a lot isn’t exported into these files, such as MAKE_SEQ getters and overloaded functions.

For more info about .in files, see this thread: