what are the .PZ file extensions and how do I handle them?

Hello, I looked through the tutrial and searched google for info on .pz extensions, but all it gave me was some quicktime stuff.
I am really new to Panda, though it all went well untill I tried to import my own models.
I have milkshape 3d, and I can save to .egg but the problem is that I can not use my models as actors.
Also, it says that the extentions of files that came with Panda3d (ex the panda.egg model) are in fact with .pz extensions. I find it strange because pview manages to see my models (which I convert form the .X format to .egg)

Thanks a lot!

pz is just panda zip files you can pzip and punzip. Those programs comes with panda and panda itself can read .pz files by unzipping them first. This questions gets asked alot here use the search functions of the forum next time.