Welcome to the Panda3D forum!

This forum is designed to promote discussion of Panda3D issues and problems. The CMU Panda3D team will be reading this forum on a regular basis, so it is a great place to go with any questions you might have.

Special thanks to Jason Pratt for getting this forum set up!

I’ve tried so long to post messages, is this forum working yet!!! Someone please fix the bug in this forum so people could actually post messages!!!

Does look like it :frowning:.

It appears to be mostly working. I do get an ugly SQL error message with each message I post, but it seems to post ok anyway. (The error message seems to be related to some fulltext index generation.)


Glad to see the Forum up and running. My team will be signing up soon so they can read similar topics, post their questions, and hopefully aquire the answers they seek. I have allready found some useful info in the “General Discussion.”

John Fairchild

Yay! The forum works again! What happened with your MySQL database, anyway?