Weird vehicle wheels behaviour

Hello, I’ve been trying to rewrite bullet example from Python to C++. So far it was going quite easy, since API is quite similar, although I have some problem with wheels. As you can see in videos, after 360° roll, every wheel rotate 180 degree in Z axis. Is there anything that I’m doing wrong, or is it some kind of bug?
Since I cannot add attachments here are source files and videos showing problem:

Hi, welcome to the forums!

Could you add which version of Panda3D you are using, exactly, and by which method you installed it?

I have version installed from opensuse games repo (opensuse 15.1)
I also tried with compiled from source, but same effect occur

@rdb are you able to reproduce that issue?

Hello, I also noticed that when I set some steering for front wheels it became even more buggy. It looks like it rotates in global X axis instead of vehicle local X axis, but that just some guessing. I have no idea where to start looking for bug/solution for this. You can find code and video here: